Specialising in the development and production of medium to high volume engineered iron castings.

The highest level of automation across our Iron Foundry and CNC Machining sites eliminates errors, reduces costs and ensures that our EU & NA customers receive a world - class product at a globally competitive price. Products are delivered on time and without the quality and supply risk associated with LCC sourcing.


As the leading UK Cast Iron foundry, we have been manufacturing castings on site for over 125 years. During that time we have produced castings for a variety of different markets in many countries.

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We use the latest tool setting equipment, automated CNC machining cells, aerospace grade wash plants, world leading CMM machines, comprehensive leak testing and automated assembly.

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We offer casting simulation knowledge and proactively collaborate with customers in the casting design and development of components prior, and continually through series production.

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We produce a wide range of metal castings components for the aerospace, automotive, civil, hydraulic and general engineering industries, catering for both high and medium volume castings.

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With the recent addition of a €6million investment in our standalone CNC machining facility, we can offer a fully integrated supply utilising the very latest CNC machining , assembly, test and inspection equipment. All aspects of the Iron Casting and CNC machining processes are performed on site.


Our dedicated Tool Room utilises a new CNC machine allowing all new core boxes and patterns to be manufactured in house as well as refurbishment, upgrade and modification.


The dedicated Core Shop has the ability to manufacture, assemble and coat in excess of 10 million cores per year.


Our Foundry, served by Cupola furnaces, runs three Disamatic and a Maxamatic moulding line with the ability to produce 800 Iron Casting moulds (4,000 components) per hour.


In house Shot Blast and sodium hydroxide Chemical Cleaning guarantees sand free internal galleries in the most geometrically challenging iron castings.

Finishing is performed robotically using the latest CNC Grinding cells.

Final Inspection and Quality Control is performed to exceed the customer controls and requirements with the latest equipment and technology available. GOM scanners, CMM, Borescope along with traditional inspection techniques are all employed at our Iron Foundry to achieve a world class level of quality.


For customers that require a complete integrated solution the iron castings are shipped to our CNC Machining Facility which is located less than 10 minutes away. At this facility we employ the very highest level of technology and automation to manufacture components in class leading cycle times with world class PPM results whilst minimising labour requirements.

Components are cleaned using ultrasonic wash techniques meeting the strictest technical cleanliness requirements. Assembly, Leak Test, Welding, Data Matrix Marking are all performed to customer requirements. All with the aim to deliver direct to line, just in time, and minimising stock and disruption within the supply chain.

Continued investment makes sure C&H are a leading supplier of iron castings and CNC machined castings under 10kgs to our Global Automotive, Hydraulic, Pump, Highway, Construction and General Engineering customers. Our intention is to grow with our customers by offering a level of service and support from our Iron Foundry and CNC Machining Facility that makes us the development and serial partner for production casting in Europe and North America.


If you have a question regarding our casting or CNC machining capabilities, contact a member of the CH Castings team.