The complex castings Chamberlin & Hill produce often have internal geometry that is unreachable and unsuitable for cleaning through traditional shot blasting methods. To ensure the unrivalled quality and cleanliness of our castings Chamberlin & Hill operates a unique and state-of-the-art Sodium Hydride chemical cleaning facility.

Bearing Housings


The chemical hydride process cleans all residual sand from the external and internal geometry with a Sodium Hydride solution. There is no dimensional impact to the casting and it ensuring customers receive perfectly clean castings for machining.

Once a casting has cleared the Sodium Hydride cleaning process, it is finished to tight tolerances by our automated robotic fed fettling and grinding machines. This ensures repeatable, high-quality grinding operations, removing excess material and providing consistent location points and minimal machining for machining centres.


As the leading UK Cast Iron foundry, we have been manufacturing castings on site for over 125 years. During that time we have produced castings for a variety of different markets in many countries.

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Chamberlin & Hill operates one of the largest cupola melting facilities within the UK. Our four short-campaign cupolas are capable of melting up to 40 tonnes per hour, continually feeding our three disamatic production lines.

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Cores are used within grey iron castings to form the internal geometry of parts or undercut areas that cannot be moulded. Core making facilities at Chamberlin & Hill include 14 automated shell cores and 4 cold box core shooters.

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If you have a question regarding our casting or CNC machining capabilities, contact a member of the CH Castings team.